Arizona Democratic Party
Social Work Caucus Bylaws

Bylaws of the Arizona Democratic Party Social Work Caucus (Effective 3/5/19)


Section 1. Name. The name of this organization shall be The Arizona Democratic Social Work Caucus, hereinafter referred to as “ADP Social Work Caucus” or “the Caucus”.

Section 2. Mission. The mission of the ADP Social Work Caucus is to empower the social work community to advocate for all vulnerable populations and promote social justice; to encourage social workers to become civically engaged and seek public office; to work in support of social work values and the Democratic Party candidates who champion those values; to elect Democrats; and, to support and strengthen the Arizona Democratic Party.


Section 1. Structure. The ADP Social Work Caucus shall consist of a general membership as defined in Article 3 and a Steering Committee which shall be composed of the officers of the Caucus. Pursuant to the ADP bylaws, the Caucus shall not operate as a political action committee (PAC) as defined by and subject to either the Arizona Revised Statutes or by the United States Code, but may register as a political organization with the Arizona Secretary of State.

Section 2. Officers. The elected positions shall consist of two co-chairpersons; one vice-chairperson; one secretary; and one treasurer.

Section 3. Duties of officers. A. Co-chairpersons. The co-chairpersons shall preside at all meetings of the Caucus, Steering Committee, or any Standing or Special Committees established by the Caucus. When presiding at these meetings, the co-chairpersons shall not cast a vote, except when necessary for breaking a tie. The co-chairpersons shall prepare meeting agendas, make appointments to committees, make temporary appointments to fill vacant offices, and keep an inventory of any property of the Caucus. B. Vice-Chairperson. The vice-chairperson shall act as a co-chairperson in the absence of a co-chairperson. If a vacancy occurs in the office of a co-chairperson, the vice-chairperson shall serve as co-chairperson until a new co-chairperson is elected by the membership of the Caucus. Other duties of the vice-chairperson shall be assigned by the co-chairpersons. C. Secretary. The secretary shall keep a written record of all meetings of the Caucus and the Steering Committee, record of the membership in attendance at each meeting, and a register of the current membership of the Caucus. The Secretary shall have responsibility for issuance of notices for all meetings and for all correspondence necessary to conduct the business of the Caucus. D. Treasurer. The treasurer shall maintain responsibility for the care and custody of the Caucus’s funds, documents related to any bank accounts, revenues, expenditures, deposits, disbursements, debts, payments, or legally required reports. The treasurer shall maintain a record of dues owed and/or paid by members. The treasurer shall make a report of the finances of the Caucus at each meeting. The treasurer shall not make any disbursement exceeding $100 without the specific consent of the Caucus; disbursements of less than $100 may be made by the treasurer with the specific consent of the co-chairpersons. The treasurer shall make all legally required reports to the appropriate government agency.

Section 4. Elections A. Officers shall be elected at the biennial reorganization meeting of the Caucus, which shall be on the same date and at the same location as the biennial reorganization of the State Committee of the Arizona Democratic Party. All caucus members in good standing shall be eligible electors. Officers must receive an affirmative selection of a majority of eligible votes cast; if no candidates receive such a majority, the person receiving the lowest number of votes in the current ballot is eliminated and a run-off is held. The procedure is repeated until a candidate receives a proper majority. B. Terms of office. The term of office for all officers shall be two years. Terms begin immediately upon completion of the election for the position and ends when any of the following occurs: the officer vacates the position by resignation or death; the officer ceases to be a registered member of the Arizona Democratic Party; the officer is removed by the membership; another person takes the office as a result of election at biennial reorganization meeting; or the officer becomes a paid staff member of the Arizona Democratic Party or any of the County Democratic Parties. C. Any officer may be removed from office upon a two-thirds vote of the members in good standing. D. Vacancies may be temporarily filled by the co-chairpersons. A special election must be held at the next regular meeting of the Caucus to fill the position. E. To be eligible for nomination as an officer, a person must: be a student or graduate of an accredited BSW or MSW program, a registered Democrat and, not be a paid member of staff of the Arizona Democratic Party or any of the County Democratic Parties. F. To serve or continue to serve as an officer, a person must: be a student or graduate of an accredited BSW or MSW program; be a registered Democrat; have attended at least two of the previous four regular meetings of the Caucus; and, not be a paid member of staff of the Arizona Democratic Party or any of the County Democratic Parties. An officer not meeting this criteria will be deemed to have resigned.  


Section 1. Eligibility. Any person that is a Democrat in Arizona is eligible to be a member of the ADP Social Work Caucus.

Section 2. Membership. Membership in the ADP Social Work Caucus is conferred by in-person attendance at any regular meeting of the Caucus and completion of a membership application. Membership requires in-person attendance at one regular meeting of the Caucus in each calendar year; failing this requirement, a membership is withdrawn but may be reinstated after re-registration. Section 3. Membership in good standing. Membership in good standing is conferred by in-person attendance at any regular meeting of the Caucus. Good standing begins when the attended regular meeting is called to order and continues until the next regular meeting of the Caucus is called to order.

Section 4. Same-day registration. An eligible person may become a member in good standing at the first meeting the person attends after completing the membership application and delivering it to an officer of the Caucus.  


Section 1. Dues. Dues shall be a voluntary donation of $10 per calendar year.


Section 1. Regular meetings. General meetings of the membership of the Caucus will be held, without further or special notice, at the place and usually immediately before the regular meetings of the State Committee of the Arizona Democratic Party.

Section 2. Special meetings. Special meetings of the membership of the Caucus shall be held as called by the Steering Committee on such notice as is reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances. Notice for special meetings shall be at least ten (10) days before the special meeting called, and shall state the date, time, place and agenda of the special meeting.

Section 3. Quorum. The membership in good standing at a regular meeting shall constitute a quorum. Ten percent of the membership in good standing of the last regular meeting shall constitute a quorum at a special meeting.


Section 1. Parliamentary procedure. The parliamentary procedure contained in the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern in all cases to which they are applicable and where not inconsistent with this constitution or such special rules of order as may be adopted by the membership or adopted herein.

Section 2. Preference for consensus. The Caucus will prefer consensus ahead of majority rule. Members are encouraged to consider how best to act within the caucus to build consensus instead of contention, both in meetings of the Caucus and in communication between meetings.

Section 3. Participation. All meetings, discussions, debates, and dialogues of the Caucus shall be as open as is reasonably possible and shall include the widest possible participation of the membership. Preference shall be placed upon the full participation of the whole membership. Breaches of the decorum of the Caucus shall require limitation on the participation of those participating in such a breach, e.g. argumentum ad hominem; disrespectful, hateful, or belligerent speech; and, abuse of the time and manner of debate or discussion.

Section 4. ADP Bylaws. The current bylaws of the Arizona Democratic Party shall supersede these bylaws if they are found to be in conflict.


Section 1. Actions on behalf of the Caucus. Only the general membership voting at its meetings or the Steering Committee between general meetings shall be able to speak, decide, or act on behalf of ADP Social Work Caucus. Any actions taken by the Steering Committee between general meetings shall, upon reasonable notice given to the Steering Committee by anyone seeking such review, be subject to review and modification by the subsequent regular meeting.

ARTICLE 8. Committees

Section 1. Establishment. With the advice and consent of the Steering Committee, the co-chairpersons may establish standing or special committees of the membership. The Steering Committee shall appoint the members of the committee.

Section 2. Types of committees. A standing committee shall be a permanent committee of the caucus. A special committee of the caucus shall be created with a specific date of its dissolution. Section 3. Committee chairperson. The membership of the committee shall select a chairperson from the membership of the committee. This chairperson shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Steering Committee of the Caucus.

Section 4. Powers. The standing and special committees of the Caucus shall make recommendations to the general membership, but the approval of the electorate at a general meeting is required for the expenditure of funds or public expression on behalf of the Caucus.


Section 1. These bylaws may be amended by a decision of a simple majority of the membership at a regular meeting. The text of any amendment shall be required to be set forth in the notice of a meeting to be considered at that meeting.

Section 2. These bylaws shall become effective when they are adopted by the Caucus at a regular meeting. Section 3. If the composition of the Steering Committee does not meet the requirements of Article 2 at the time of adoption of these bylaws, the current Steering Committee may continue as officers until the next biennial election.

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